Another Chapter In Life
2000-11-13 11:44:04 (UTC)

November 13, 2000 Saturday..

November 13, 2000

Saturday morning I got news that my Grandmother had gone through
surgery for her broken hip and was doing very good. Because
everything was going good, I went on to town to do some shopping.
While out, I stopped at my Aunt's house to say bye to her after
hearing she was moving out of state. I chose to stay and help them
load the trailor and see my dad who had come to move her. It was
around 3:30 when I got home. My mother had called from the hospital
where my grandmother was around 2:30. My son had talked to her and
told me she was crying. I called back and found out my grandmother
was now doing poorly. I called my sister and shortly after we headed
for the hospital. It was 2 hours away. After spending several hours
there with all the family and getting to spend time with grandmother
my sister and I knew things were getting bad. The nurse ask us to go
get the family. Within minutes my grandmother passed away. It was
shortly before 1 A.M. on November 12, 2000. All the kids took it so
hard. It has been hard on everyone. Grandma was so loved and will
very much missed. She just had her 78th Birthday October 22nd and she
was in such wonderful spirits. I still find it hard to believe she is
My sister from Texas will be leaving to head this way today. My dad
will be coming from Indiana for the funeral and there are so many
more headed this way to pay there last respects to a wonderful woman
who has gone on to be with her husband who had gone on before her a
few years ago. She missed him terribly so I know there is a wonderful
reunion going on in Heaven right now.
Grandmothers are such wonderful people.