so confused
2001-11-04 14:30:35 (UTC)

I don't know

Girls, girls , girls.
I really like girls. There are too many girls. I have a
girlfriend, and we are pretty serious. But then there she
is. There is this girl. THe attraction is like
overwhelming. It's not just physical either. I eally like
her personality. I really like who she is. But i know i
don't have a chance with her. I don't evenknow why i bother
or waste my time. THen there is another girl. I don't
really have any attraction to her personality wise. WE used
to be good friends, but now all she does is like hit on me
and offer up sexual favors. SHe keeps tryin to get me to
break up with my grilfriend, and i really don't know what
to do with that situatioon. So for now i guess i will just
stay with my girlfriend and keep yurning on the inside for
the other girl. I have no clue what's going on in my life,