My life as told by ME!
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2001-11-04 14:01:02 (UTC)


Oh Friday kicked butt- Tucker appeared in AV at lunch, and
he went to my classes with me. We then went into town, he
went to his interview, I waited, He got out, we ate Subway,
snuggled until 645. Went to the Mahaiwe. Saw The Day The
Earth Stood Still- the movie kicks ass but the reel sucked
ass. Then during the intermission Mr. Kakley showed us
around in the booth with the projector (Bertha) and the
reel tables (George). Then we watched Forbidden Planet-
both the movie and the reel kicked ass. The film was in
gorgeous condition. I nearly fell asleep- I can't watch
movies very well at home but I never thought I would get
sleepy at a theater- although it was 10 o clock... After
the movies we hung out with Kay for a little bit, then we
went for a walk. Called Moogie, dropped Tucker off at home
and went home fell asleep round 1230 or so.
Saturday, pick Tucker up from his hair appointment (his
last one for a while, he is going to grow it out with me)
went to the mall, bought him a pouch for his stone, looked
for boots for me and a phaser for him. We then see K-PAX-
kick ass movie, one that you can cry at. Shopped round the
mall, got Tucker's gun, bought Titan AE on DVD- YAY! met
Tucker's friend from camp, fellow Leetard, and someone I
may be working with at camp in the Eco dept. Nearly bought
me boots- but they were too small. We ate at OCB- then went
to Barnes and Noble then drove Tucker home. I loved the car
ride. I think I should have my arm around him for a change
more often. *sigh* I wish we weren't in the car with dad. I
love him soooooo much. *biiiiig sigh* I wish I could be in
his arms, or he in mine all the time. Well we got 2 days
together this week- that ain't bad at all- and we get two
more next week, then comes Thanksgiving so there are more
days. And Thanksgiving also means Turkey, cranberry sauce,
and stuffing sandwiches- yum! Well I gotta go and work on
my English portfolio- asked for an extension, didn't get
it, so I am going to turn it in late anyway. HA! in your
face Carroll! even if it means points off- what would you
choose? An incomplete grade or a slightly lower grade for
being late. Bah- I am stalling. I shall log off now ^_^;;