ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-11-04 10:44:56 (UTC)

LG.. Life's Good..

It was so funny this evening, I was at the Amarelle Chateau
(slimey and my bro's place..) and there was me, bbm, the
whinger, my bro, slimey, another dave and another friend.

The advertisement for LG gas came on the tv.. ("LG.. Life's

And I said, "LS.. Life sucks.."

And then my bro said, "LAB.. Life's a bitch".. lol

And then I said, "atyd... and then you die.." lol

And then he said, "LAB.. atymo... Life's a Bitch and then
you marry one.." lol

Then as we were leaving, the whinger kissed my bro on the
leg before he left...

And somebody said, "Oh kissed your butt before he left.."

And my bro said, "LAB.. Life's a butt"

And I said, "atymo... and then you marry one!" heheh

It was quite funny... :)

jjq x