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2001-11-04 10:41:00 (UTC)

Reasons why I hate my self

This is the main reasons why I hate my self, I wrote them
down yesterday: Because I spoild all my chances with S*,
and Im only making the problem bigger when I doing like
this, becuse I diddnt see him the first time he was home
after we fell in love, becuse I feel fat and ugly, because
I let other pepole misuse me, Im doing things for free at
this job that the others gets paid for, that I never have
time for things that are important for me anymore, like
music, lyrics (text`s) Samuel, thinking about Seline, my 2
sisters, my litte princess and her little brother that Im
godmother for. (some Christian thing at the
Christening) Shes 5, and it feels like shes my dougher, I
practicaly raised her, from she was three months old intil
now, I love her verry much, the same goes to her two years
old brother who`s allready is a hart breaker.
I hate my self for not doing better at school, for not
having the energy to do my homework, for not getting enough
For not spending more time with my friends, that Im not
going out more, that I hate my self (I hate my self for
haiting my self) For beeing angry at my self all the time,
for not getting all love I need, for missing S* like
crazy (but if I diddnt that would be worse) for punishing
my self all the time and for falling in love with Chris.....

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