redrumkevs diary
2001-11-04 08:59:20 (UTC)

First login Week of 11-01-01

Wow, what a week. On monday 10.29.01, I called DRQ and was
on dateless in detroit. I won a date, or got to meet,
Deatra. All I can say about her is wow. She seems like a
great person, with an enormous heart.

On tuesday, 10-30-01. I went to bakers Square @ 8pm to
meet Deatra. I was extremely nervous, as I was on her
ground, with her friends there. Sitting in the booth
waiting for her, was nerve racking. But when she came
around the corner, and I first looked into her eyes, I
knew, that she was same person that i spoke to on the
phone. Warm, caring, and full of life. She was ten times
more beautiful then I imagined and I was afraid she wasn't
going to like me. I felt alot more comfortable at about
8:15-8:20, after the phone call from her friend, which was
her easy way out, when she said to him "nope, everything
is fine, i will talk to you later". Over the next 3 hours
we talked about everything, and I even told her things
that I never talk about. Including grandpa, and my
realationship with my dad. Amazing how someone i just
meet, can get that stuff out of me, yet it felt like she
was an old friend, and nothing was wrong, or bad. Her eyes
just kept me stairing. From her rolling them in the back
of hear head, to moving her eye brows to just giving some
looks. I felt special to be there with someone so
beautiful, sexy, and so easy to talk to. As it got to be
11, we went outside. She called the radio station to thank
them for introducing us, and they told her to call back on
Thursday. We kissed, a few times, and it just felt good to
hold her hands. I didn't want to let her go, but after
some more kissing and talking, it was getting late and I
had to :( . I wanted to send her flowers to her work, but
Darin brought up, that it might not be good to do that,
she might get in trouble, and also that might scare her,
like she things i am obessed. But it isn't that at all,
more of thank you for meeting, and that you are great
person, and bring a smile to her face. Oh well, hopefully
things will work out and I can do stuff like that for her
in the future.

10-31-01. Halloween. Talked to Deatra on the phone, went
with Darin to Kickers, and Knock Outs. Setup a meeting
with Naughty Notions, for a web development project,
possible SSL/Shoping cart site. Shoulders n' back at the
gym. T-bar did 115lbs, 8 reps, up from 90 the week before.
Did 150 on rows, and 130 on Lat pull downs, up from 120
and 100 respectively. Went to school, morning and night.

11-01-01. Darin blew off the gym, cuz he is fighting with
marcy. Had to write a paper. Talked to Deatra on the
phone. Helped Crit cut in the afternoon. Worked Wayne
Bowl. Deatra meet me up there around 10:30. She had called
DRQ, and I called them back, and was on the air with Tic
Tak. Nervous again, lol. Asked, well sorta for cringal
jingle tickets, he said to call back in a few days/weeks,
whenever they were available. Talked to Deatra for a
while, and her friends on the phone for quite a long time.

11-02-01. Darin Blew off the gym. Went with Uncle Crit to
Sharks club for lunch. Got talk with him, and resoloved
some issues. It was nice to hang out with him, i hope he
is willing to do it more often. I enjoy his company, and I
think I can help him with some of his issues, and he
always has an off the wall opinion about my stuff, and
somehow, that seems to help. Grandma came over, and we
watched Blue Streak. She laughed so hard. She thought it
was good movie. Deatra called, she told me she
Hyperextended her knee at work going to get a picutre of
herself for me. I felt so bad, this girl I just meet that
I really like, was doing something for me, and got hurt,
that just sucks. She went home early from work cuz of it.
Took grandma home, and went to Steves. He got ready and
then we went to Darins and waited for her and Amy to come
over. They got there, and Steve and Amy meet. We went to
the station to meet, spoon, blow jobby, and keir.
Afterwards, we meet up with T.A., and Skubik at the
parking lot of KMarts. I kissed her a few times as we were
getting back into Steves car, and she told me hold up
Romeo, and that made me laugh. We went to Darins and
watched Exit wounds, good movie I think. I was more
interested in Deatra, and didn't pay much attention to the
movie. She laid with me on the couch and I rubbed her
back, and her neck. And ran my fingers through her hair. I
felt so comfortable with her laying on me, and hope she
enjoyed it. She was really tired, and keep falling asleep,
atleast I think she was, not sure. Right before the movie
was over, darin called my cell to tell me Cheryl was
coming over to Darins to sleep there until he got home, so
they could play booty call. From the call and into the
next few mins, Deatra kinda acted weird. She seemed
withdrawn, or pulled away. I don't know why. But as soon
as the movie was over, she put her shoes on quickly, got
up and walked out the door. I had to kind run after her to
meet her at the sidewalk to give her a kiss good night.
And then she seemed to just want to leave. I am not sure
if I did something wrong, or what? Me and Steve locked up
and went to Brays. On the way I called Deatra cuz Steve
said he was interested in Amy, so he could get her number.
I asked Steve at Brays, why Deatra did that, or acted that
way. He said either she was just tried, or mad cuz I am
moving really slow. I have kissed her but not even made
out. I told him that I really like her, and don't want to
mess things up. But for real, why am I doing that. I do
really like her, think I have a crush on her, but don't
know why I am like that, slow as malasous in january. So
worried that I messed something up, I went home, and laid
in bed trying to figure it out. I think maybe I am just
parinoid. I have not felt this way in so long, maybe cuz
everyone I have meet lately is not worth my time. I don't
get along with them, and they are losers. She is a real
person, that I get along with. She has goals, and is going
things with her life. I am not sure how to treat her cuz
she is special, both to me, and a special kind of person.
Obviously she must like me, I mean she hangs out with me,
kisses me, meet my friends, laid with me on the couch, but
there I go, being a worry wort.

11-02-01. Watched the Michigan/MSU game. Great game, with
MSU winning on the last play. Called Deatra, and she
didn't seem to be mad at me, but she was working and we
only talked for a few mins, but I felt better after
hearing from her. She said he "might" do something
tomorrow night, I sure hope we get to. I want to talk to
her about things, but not sure if I should. I would like
to go out with her, but maybe I am better off to just let
things happen, and actually let them happen. I have kinda
been stuck at 1st base. But also, we haven't had much time
alone. And I didn't want to do alot with friend just
across the room, since that is impolite. But I guess I
will figure it out, and I am sure she will give me
sometime, she seems like that kind of person. I would like
to have some "alone time" with her tomorrow, just the two
of us, and see how things go. Alot of things have happened
besides her this week, but she has been the major thing on
my mind. I guess with the classes ending and the extra
free time, there is enough time for me to really think.
Not like the past 8 weeks where I was so busy, I couldn't
breathe. Darin blew off the gym again, 3rd day in a row. I
bet it is going to be a bitch to go back again. I pushed
to get Steve to get a membership, so we can go when Darin
doesn't. I have to stay up on this stuff, cuz I have alot
of drive, and as usual, that will go away with time. So
now that I have it, I have to go, and go as often as
possible. I hope that Deatra feels the same towards me, or
atleast likes me enough to go on hanging out, and
hopefully this can work into some kind of a relationship.
Wow, I have to admit, she make me smile, when I think of
her, like right now, and I can't wait to see her or even
talk to her. Hopefully I will get to see her tomorrow, or
I can ask to meet her for lunch on monday, hoping she will