even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-04 08:25:41 (UTC)

not eighteen, two... blehhhhhhhhhhhh

so ive been really tired for the last couple of days.. so
tired, in fact,t aht i haven;t been able to do diary
entries...but, the last few day shave been good.. chilled
with my frineds today and it wass so nice... sometimes its
just extra nice to be twith them, and today was extra
nice.. they cam over, and we cut aums hair, which needed to
be done, im glad we did it, he thinkgs it a little too
short, and maybe it is, but only a very little, cause it
was really long... and then we chilled, and then sam and
james got here, and it was fun, more, and alex, she got
bitten by this wack militant suorpion, and... epp! i just
felt osmehting on my foot and wa sall, achchckk! cause,
talking baout the scorpion, oh my god... that was scary,
ok.. but shes on this medicine that turns huer piss orange,
not like, ornage tintied, but like, hardcore ORANGE orange,
oits great.... wow, i love my friends, i really do.. iot
was so fun today, and all we really did was sit around...
we went to starbucks for a little bit, an dhung out in the
parking lot... aum abnd sam skated a little, and we came
home and ate dinner, and hten we watched a movie, we just
chilled, like always and it was nice! liek always.. only a
littlle more sam and joselin moght potentially
have a thing.. i dont; knwo though, and they don;t knwo
either.. aum thinks yes, and from what i hear, kelly, and
james think yess too... but.. i dont; know... it hink... i
dont knwo what i think... i think it would be fun either
way... and i think that joselin and i need to talk less
about people and more baout things... and all of us in
general... i think we can do it... might take some time and
some practive, vbut we can do ti... tomrow, we're oign out
to james alnd and we're ghonn ahav e a picnic, and its
gonan be lots of fun... im excited... on firday i turned in
my amys bag.. or.. wednesday, i turned it in on wenesday...
that guy chance was wroking, the one form abercrombie, and
i think they liked our bags, tbut hey we'rent hiring.. so..
i hope something workls out, cause we need jobs and cars...
and we'll get them all skin is all dry.. aye
aye aye... i think i should go to sleep, kelly said i
should... man oh man.. i hope that from here on out, my
emotions start to get more even.. i had a massage on
thursday.. and the lady, really rad chick, shes fun, and
nice, she took kava kava on her wedding day, shes fun, but
she sid that my emotiongs might be goign all wack do to
homrmones... i havdn;t thought of that, also she said that
stress buolds nd climaxes at the full moon which was
thursday... or wednesday,. and things have been egtting
better, so we'll see how things goo.. better hompeuflly..
but tongiht, they go to bed.. and otmrow they go on a