Boring and Simple
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2001-11-04 07:13:35 (UTC)


Again, I'm staying up late. Again, it's because of writing
assignments. I won't mind the staying up thing if I didn't
have to do the same damn things each and every day. Oh
well. It don't matter anyhow. How 'bout them Yankees?
Game 6, and they were creamed by the D'Backs. It was a
pathetic excuse of a game. I lost my respect for
professional baseball in watching this World Series. It
was so BLATANTLY rigged. All six of the games so far were
just to damn pathetic. All those coincidences? All those
nuances? All that Minor-leagues stuff happening to the
if ya ask me.
Not that I really had a chance to sit down and watch the
game. We have a little TV at work which is used by the
camera, but since the camera's almost never on, somebody
usually swings past to tune into a game of one sort or
I haven't really been feeling too good at work today and
yesterday. It's probably because of my week's lackingness
of sleep. I'll probably feel just as lousy at work
tomorrow (er-- today, since it's already past 2 in the
morning). :(
Well, Monday at school will be interesting to say the least.
I got paid yesterday. I make $5.50 an hour, and my two-
week paycheck totalled a little over $210. It doesn't
compare much to the $350 I raked in when I worked two
jobs, but it's my biggest paycheck I've received so far
from there. My college fund is slowly but steadily growing