the happenings of my odd life...
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2001-11-04 06:54:04 (UTC)


Well, tonight was interesting at the least. Tanja came
over, and we decided that with 15 dollars we would go to
denny's and eat. Well instead we decided to go to McDonalds
and save a little money...our very generous friend Lindsay
hooked us up with SO MUCH free food it's not even funny at
all..then we had 15 dollars, so we filled up my tank bought
some batteries, and headed out. We put in the NIN cd, and
drove ourselves out until we were completely lost into
nowhere, with no idea how to get home, which is exactally
what we wanted...and i was happy...and it was fun. A lot
got said, that im glad I got to get out of my mind... Very
good. Now Im her house, watching her be 1/2
asleep...maybe I should be too, I have to wake up in a few
hours to go to church...blah...Ok...this journal sure is
more convieniant than the other ones...I think I like it in