2001-03-18 21:31:57 (UTC)

After getting back from my trip..

After getting back from my trip I feel like I'm full of new
life. Well sort of that is. I want to keep busy and not be
lazy, but I feel that my mood won't remain this way. One of
the things that has been bugging me is the fact that I have
9 weeks left of school. That means that all the seniors
that I know (I'm a junior btw) are going to go off to
college and I'll probably not see many of them ever again.
That makes me sad. Some of the seniros are jerks, but some
have been good friends to me. I just can't believe that the
people who were 6th graders when I was in 5th and those 9th
graders that I knew when I was in 8th grade are now goign
to graduate from high school and in a year's time, I will
too. This fact makes me think that it doesn't matter about
the friends you have in high school because you won't be
friends witht hem after high school. It's the friends you
have in college that matter. But hey, the good thing out of
all this is that I have 9 more weeks of school left before