lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-11-04 06:48:38 (UTC)

in order of appearance

haha i was trying to think of where to start and i have
nooo idea so here goes randomness....

my doc appt on friday was scary. i had to run on a
treadmill until it hurt (which only took 2 minutes which
made the doctor flip out), and then the guy had to inject
me with tons of novocaine IN MY LEG and it got this huge
lump from it and well i'll spare you the rest but it was
gross. and then the guy pulls out this needle which is
sticking into some box-like machine that measures muscle
compression. aaagh. i told him there was no way i could
watch him stick a 3-inch needle into my flesh, so i was
lying down while he did it. and he stuck it in and it
didn't hurt but i could feel this thing touching the
muscles which are like 2 inches beneath anywhere you would
normally be poked with a needle. so ow.

and he looked at the compression thing and basically it was
enough that he wants to de releases on both of my
legs...this means i get knocked out (by anesthesia, that
is) and he goes in and cuts open the muscle sheath so that
my muscle can expand since, according to him, my anterior
tibs have "reached their genetic capacity". so i can do
this surgery and have scars but be totally better...or i
can stop running & swimming (which means i'll get fat &
lazy) but then the pain will eventually go away.

well hi. lindsay doesn't plan on stopping her active
lifestyle. so now the choice is surrrrgery!!

moving on...the biola thing was cool. ask me about it cuz
hey it's a looooot to write or something & like we learned,
i am a part of a passive culture that prefers to do things
the simple way!! HAHA!

oh yeah...and megs and i just dyed our hair and yeah it's
like an addiction!!! haha no just kidding...i actually
waited 2 months between dyes this time. yeaaah! well i
gotta go dry it now to see if it's too weird.