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2001-11-04 06:47:15 (UTC)

Nov. 04 -- early early morning

Well my birthday is a week away. Less than a week away now
i guess... I think this is gonna be the first time in 19
years where I wont have a birthday party just cuz a lot of
people I sometimes call friends of mine probably wont do
much to make the event enjoyable.
There's a fairly new club here that I've wanted to go to
for a while, but I think I'm going to have to wait longer
to go. I dont want to waste my time and money to go there
and be miserable. Especially on my birthday.
Halloween was pretty fun even though I got pretty angry at
one of my 'friends' ... ended up at a bar with other
friends and it was cool. There was a man dressed like a
hooters chick! Eww!
School is going alright, but I think my marks could be
better. I was really confused for a while wondering why my
marks were lower than normal, but I saw my calander for
October and realized that I was sooo busy it's lucky that
I'm doing this well.
Life is just generally stressful, but I think I'm learning
to cope with it so it doesn't bother me AS much. But it
still sucks. I'm thinking about going to Grad school in a
couple years, and the thought of going out of province is
ever more appealing.

The plane ride last weekend went pretty well aside from the fact that
I almost never went anywhere cuz the girl who had my ticket showed up
late, cuz her cab got pulled over for running a red light. Otherwise,
all was good. I had a lot of fun - which I wasn't expecting. Overall,
it was a reall cool weekend.