No Use For A Diary
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2001-11-04 06:39:58 (UTC)

naked people!

After work, yesterday, I went to Brendan's. The plan was that if I couldn't find a ride home, I would stay the night over there. See, Brendan lives by the mall, which is where i work, so I just got a ride over there. Shawnie and Rachel were over there. We watched Shrek. Shawnie was sad cuz she broke up with her boyfriend. I felt bad for her. I think she had been drinking.
Anyway, Adam(brendan's roommate) had his friends over and you know what that means! Naked People!!! Actually, it makes sense. They drink and play games where they lose articles of clothing until everybody's naked. After Brendan and I got back from Ralph's, I sat on the couch...the naked people came back and there I was, stuck in the middle of the naked people game. haha!!
There was a cute naked boy to my left. I showed him the corona bottle trick and he needed to borrow my shirt to cover up his...excitement(for lack of better words)...i drank some tequila...just to catch up with everyone. But really, even if I hadn't drank I would still think he was cute. Another guy told me I was cute. I like getting compliments like that. It means they don't think I'm totally repulsive. So yeah, this guy next to me though...he was really cute! (I know his name, by the way...just don't wanna tell) He kissed me. It was nice. He has a pierced tongue. We made out on the couch for about 2 hours. I'm so not kidding. We just ignored everyone playing hte naked game and were in our own little world! He was sober and I was drunk. Yikes. It's great though. A sober guy liked me. He wouldn't have sex with me. I wanted to...really bad. I told him I'd do anything he wanted me to and I begged him. But...he wouldn't. He still made out with me though. And it's not like he half-assed it like Zack. No! He kissed me with his eyes closed!!! And he touched me...I love that. He even kissed my neck...I melt when someone kisses my neck.
It was funny though cuz he was naked the whole time. I started making out with a naked boy. It's not like I got him naked. He was already naked when I got to him. So ya...a sober guy liked me.
I found out today from Brendan that he and Emily wouldn't let me have sex with him, even if he wanted to. Everybody was trying to protect me I guess. It makes me feel like a child. To tell the truth, I don't think it was necessary. I wouldn't have regretted having sex with him.
But I do think it's a good thing that he didn't want to take advantage of my drunken state.
He gave me a ride home. That was nice of him. He didn't want my phone number though. But he did say that he'd see me.
I mean, it's not that big of a deal...It's just nice that he said some nice things to me...and apparently, not so he could get me into bed...cuz he wouldn't sleep with me!
I don't want him to think that i only liked him cuz i was drunk. because then, he probably wouldn't want to see me again or anything.
oh well...i don't even know the guy. it would just be nice to maybe get to know him and see if we get along and all that good stuff.
i'm not a slut.