It smells like poop over here
2001-11-04 06:25:52 (UTC)

im pretty f*ckin boring

once again, today sucked. i woke up to get my tix for the
night 89X stole christmas. cost me $225 on my credit card.
i hope everyone can pay me soon. i went back to bed and got
up around 3 and went to work. i was supposed to chill with
my buddy jared, but he ditched me. my friend chris didn't
wanna get in trouble, so he stayed home. rich hurt his
ankle at wrestling, which i missed by the way; F*CK! so i
just called my friend nick when i got home, but he was bout
to go to bed.
im pretty f*ckin sad, if that's all my saturday consists
of. i've been thinking about how uninteresting my life is.
it's almost as if i need drama to write anything in this
journal. like fueding with a girlfriend, or someone just
died. im not really sure. i keep having a reoccuring
thought. my future daughter asks me what i did when i was a
teenager. i say, "well, i was in wrestling school, i had a
good job, i hung out with my friends, i went to concerts."
all that stuff seems really interesting, and that's all i
wanted to do when i was with andrea. but when i write down
all that stuff in here, it just seems sad and boring. i
look back and say, "that was really cool." but now it just
seems like there should be more out there that i could be
doing. right now it seems that conflict is the only true
thing that's interesting. maybe i should go to a bar and
pick a fight. or maybe ill just go to bed.