2001-11-04 06:23:34 (UTC)

i like her

i dont understand her. so she did call me today..early too
like when she just got up. and she wanted to do something.
so she caled back and said ok im coming to pick you up. and
we went ot the magical forest and walked a path. and got
coffee. and when she dropped me off it was weird. she hugged
me and put her head ion me. so i just kissed her forehaead
and she had a look then i gave her a small kiss and that was
maybe its that she does klike me and its scared doesnt
really jknow how to act or anything. or aybe it is she isnt
interested. like she gets nervous. she siad she dreamt abou
tmte, how she was upset that i saw her looking bad. and she
got dreesed up to go out. i think its just ehr though. i
like her a lot though. and im scared with this one. so i
dont know if i should call tomorow...or wait for her to call
me.....i dont know!!!!!

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