Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-11-04 06:22:23 (UTC)


This is my stephanie entry, because we are both bored and
online at ungodly hours. So we have found many things in
common... we are both virgos, and have frightengly large
amounts of personality disorders.... (My results: Disorder
Rating Information Paranoid: Low, Schizoid: Low,
Schizotypal: High, Antisocial: Moderate, Borderline:
Moderate, Histrionic: High, Narcissistic: High,
Avoidant: Moderate, Dependent: High, Obsessive-
Compulsive: High). Stephanie is, hands down, the most
narcissistic person I know... her whole journal is
dedicated to the wonders of her cuteness, but its funny and
not conceited, so I guess that just makes her cuter! lol
Let's see, she is a wannabe-blonde, and her website makes
me laugh, especially the tales of ditzy things she and her
girlfriend have done! Over the past two hours, we have
done about every odd thing that we can do to allieviate our
boredom, including looking at kitty porn (its funny, not
sick, i promise). We have acting together, which is how I
became privaledged enough to meet her, as I'm sure she'd
put it, and in another life she must have been a celtic
faerie. And that's all I can think to write about her and
her cuteness right now, although I'm sure she'll come up
with some things I should add.... come to think about it,
this probably ISN'T going to help her