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2001-11-04 06:19:14 (UTC)

love, like... hate, dislike .....making love ,sex........where do we really draw the line

is there really a lind between these things that we call
love and like. i dont know. i do know that there is a
defenet line between love and hate. but love and like are
twoo things havent been taken apart yet. if you like
someone enough to the point of love then was there ever
like in the first place. if you love someone and then you
seperate and there is only like. then was there ever love.
that last sentince is what alota people relate their lives
to. not the good stuff. two people go out and then they
fall in love and that love is strong and then there is a
fade in love and then they say there is only like and then
that like is just nothing again. then what did happen to
that love that is suposed to be forever. was it love or
just like. but you said it was love. you said many times i
love you and they said it back "I LOVE YOU". or did you not
meant it in that sence.
more people just love today then anyother time in
our humanly lifetime. we use love for everything. but when
it isnt love it is just infatuation and desire to have
somthing. it isnt always love when you want that fender
jazz bass, or that collectable coin that there is only 3 of
in the universe. its is that desire to want to love that
makes us think it is love. somtimes we let out romeo and
juliet stories get to us and we always think that there is
going to be a happy ending. in a perfect there is no
ending. but then in a perfect world nothing can exsist. but
lets not stray. look at love as something that can be
thrown around like a ball being played with by a cat. but
its not. love is less then once in a million lifetimes
chance of happening. love isnt this think that we seem to
have all over the world everytime someone decides to start
a war. its some all else. and that is where i begin me essay

Love Is.......
ill finish it another time. if you really want to know
and read it email me at [email protected] . bye bye

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