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2001-11-04 05:53:36 (UTC)

A Memorial To Donald (Rocky) Martino.

Dear Diary:
I write this entry and dedicate it to the memory
of my late Donald (Rocky) Martino. Rocky died six
years ago today. He left me by myself and with a
big void in my life and heart.

You have me in the care of Frank. We have been together for six years now. He has been faithful to his promises to you. He has taken care of Daisy,
Big Sylvester, and me since you passed away to eternity six years ago.

We lost Big Sylvester a year and a half ago. Daisy misses her big brother. Just as I miss you both
we since then adopted Little Sylvester. Big Baby
Boy Toy.

Since then I have another kind loving gentleman,
My Honey-Bear. I know you would like him. He is
very much like Frank and you.

Both make me happy and make me smile.

I miss you my Rocky. I love you forever.

Love AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne

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