Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-11-04 05:52:32 (UTC)

love and respect

This is a shout out
To my boy whitey who has my endless love and respect since
the first day I met his ass early morning pissed off,
locked up and as I not happy to find himself throw up in
the corectional drug program, pillaging though the stockton
paper looking for some good gang violance to read aloud to
the class. Thinkin to myself who is this mad wood.
fate would show me who he was, him being my nabior when I
finally move to the sap building.this SO-CAL rider 25years
of age heart of gold on this kid and in a place where good
conversation is hard to find my boy would come through
everytime.Hes one of the only people who really know the
fucked up theorys.Eating meg ryan stabbing your first love
just to prove you consience wrong cause once you beat it
this world no longer bounds you nor the poeple in it.
Im shure if you asked him then my sentance wasnt long enuff.
But as he knows me now and I him we know the world is a
better place cause we walk it.I turlly belve that of him
and he proves it every day.i find myself feeling a little
devilish here and there and I am the devil in these times.
But my boy his rage is straight foward and to the point.
We been through times, together fought and argued and
pissed eachother off on many of occasions but still love
and respect, and even pissed of wed split the last soup in
the house and in there that means more then anything.
There really is no words to say what we survived though and
smiled though just thanks bro thats all.
with endless love and respect
thanks for keeping it real
Your baby boy
Oh yeah and this is for covit understanding only I belive,
you were my partner on those tables bro and even though you
cant play worth a fuck we won alot and ate alot those were
good times. To Boat drinks my friends.
with respect your boy

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