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2001-11-04 05:47:31 (UTC)

November Third. 2001

Well, this is the first entry in my online diary. Today I
worked in the morning, unfortunately, because it was a
beautiful day outside. When I finally got off work I went
and hung out down town. I Ran into Neko and we're planning
on finishing my Scorpion tattoo monday evening. I ended up
hanging out with steve for awhile and we ran into Amythest,
Thomas, Bill, Shawn(?), and Jake. We all ended up walking
down an alley together and this old woman in a car came
driving down it. It was narrow enough that we had only
barely standing room on either side of the car, and I saw
the lady's face when she drove by and she looked like she
was shitting a brick. I think she thought we were all going
to mug her or something. It was we all went and
hung out at the Deli, and i told Amythest that she can
crash at my place anytime she wants because she likes to
clean peoples houses when she crashes there. I like her,
she's a nice girl. If I werent six years older than her, i
might be a little more interested in her. But thats neither
here nor there. Bill gave me a ride to work at six (again)
and There I was all night, until I came home. Thats about
all there was to my day. Stay tuned for the exciting

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