My Life In A Bottle
2001-03-18 19:47:13 (UTC)

Maybe its a sign over my head..

Maybe its a sign over my head pointing down on me.
maybe it stands with big capital letters: IM A FOOL:
I guess, or I know, there is a sign like that hanging over
my head. Anyone who read it feel free to use me as they

Before when I was hanging out with guys and friends and
other folks, I used to be calm and cool, and no one tried
to kiss me or anything `cause they know that I was a storm
and they couldn`t handle me.
Back then i was strong. I laughed of love songs, who needed
boys anyway???
But Im not a storm anymore, this heart is getting warm.
Just because of a guy.
ONE boy and my heart starts fucking with my brain. Its to
But I couldnt help falling in love with him. He fills a
room like champagne into an empty glas. He was nice to me
from the start. We flirted, danced and on the second night
he kissed me. AND it wasen`t an ordinary kiss. When we
kissed, I flyed, I was over the moon, over the stars,
watching the whole world from the sun.

We were spending days and nights togheter. We talked for
hours everyday.

But then the day came, the day we were leaving, and he said
he wanted to speak with me. I sat down and he started
talking. This is what he said:

When he said that I sure loked like I just saw an ailien or
something. `Cause it was just a reply of what`s happend to
me before....

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