2001-11-04 05:11:22 (UTC)


hello diary. i guess i'll talk to you tonight. no one is
online and im lonely.
its a sad and dreary day
when your life slips away

i miss him already. its so stupid of me. but i was just
thinking about this subject at hand this morning in the
car. yea. i love him so much. i cant believe how lucky i am
to have someone like this!!! its not at all about the sex,
or physical things. its just him. everything about him just
makes me want to be with him all the time now. its crazy.
im happy sitting in my room thinking about him all day.
this is really serious for me, because i dont even look at
other guys in an "ooo...ur cute" kind of way. i love him so
much, i dont want to cheat on him ever again. EVER.
everyone will see that we were meant to be, and they will
realize through their own eyes, that we are happy and
forever will will see!!!

ok **love**
umm...i think my mommy suspects something is going on, but
maybe not. maybe im just a paranoid little fucker. ok. well
im tired so im going to go to bed. i'll talk to you
tomorrow. byes