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2001-11-04 04:06:34 (UTC)

11/3/01 (21 Days til B-day)

Dear Diary,
Today is the fist time I have every used an online diary.
This should be insteresting. Today I went shopping with
Mom, we went to Wal-Mart and I put in an application for a
job there, I also got two new eyeliners and a new nail
polish. We also went to H-E-B and I got a nw hair dye and
Some gliter. Mom got me this totally cool lace over shirt
at a garage sale this morning, she got me some throw
pillows, a jewelry box, and a picture of the Egyptian God
Horus, (I think). It is made on really Egyptian Papyrus. It
looks like corn husks weved together. I love it. I love
everything about Egypt.I especially love stories about
egyptians and their Gods. I would absolutely love to be an
Egyptologist. But I am not sure that I could make it
through the college courses that are required. I don't
think that I am smart enough. I just don't want to have to
do something totally boring, like some office job where I am
going to stuck in a cubical. I geuss it is because I have
already seen what I could miss. I know what I could be
missing out on, things that are actually interesting. And
that would totally suck. besides. Isn't life supposed to be
fullfilling? I mean, aren't you supposed to injoy life? how
can you injoy life if you do something like, typing in
numbers and letters all week, or starring at a computer
screen all your life. I don't think God created the earth
for us to simply to go through our lives without injoying
the beauty of the world around us. I want to see everything
there is to see. Even if i don't get to do that, I want to
do something in my life that I enjoy and that is profitable
to me and others. And that is my phyilosiphy of the day.
I will right more tomorrow. Tara

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