Tainted Perception
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2001-11-04 04:04:57 (UTC)

Sing me a song....

Today was a day I had anticipated since I first got
assigned the duty of repersenting my school's select
chorus's alto section for a music festival. A bass, tenor,
soprano, and myself along with Mr.D went to URI to sing
with these people from schools all over new england that
were the top vocalists of their classes. I was feeling
really nervous. I had just received the five songs we were
supposed to learn two days before the big day. TWO DAYS!
All the other kids from the other schools had them for
nearly two months. But somehow we pulled through.
I left the house at 6:30 in the morning, and went to meet
the other three reps of coventry at the tenor, Jay's,
house. I was following behind them in my car. We stopped to
get coffee, and were about to head on to the high way, when
jay announced that he forgot his music, so we had to head
back to his house, meaning we had to speed up to make up
for the lost time. GREEAT. Not a good day to have my new
vehicle on the high way for the first time. It hasn't even
been checked out yet... but I had to go about 80 just to
keep up with them. My car was reving, and the tires were
burning, and it was starting over heat. I MISS MY OLD CAR!
Other then that... the day was good.... and I'm proud of
myself... I learned five really difficult pieces in one
day... to perfection.... that's something I never intended
to do... not to pat myself on the back or anything...heh..

but that was my day.... I was there from 7:30am to about