2001-11-04 03:44:59 (UTC)

Talk about a hangover...

Wow, that was quite a night. Well last night was Micah’s
birthday party and we went over there at like 3:30 just to
hang out and I didn’t think that Kalua was gonna be there
so when Cory brought the Smirnoff Ice at like 8:00, I
started on those and I was still okay but then the keg
came. I was gone after that. I drank so much, I had no
clue how many I was up to. Well Kalua showed up and he
told me that I couldn’t drink. I was like fuck that and I
kept drinking but he wasn’t that mad. Then he left to go
get Jorge from the game I think and I had no idea that he
was back when I started smoking. Well, it was me, Megan,
Nikki, Scott, Amel and Kalyn and we had to decide who would
pack the first bowl and I chose Scott because he was the
most sober and so he packed me a bowl and walked away and
so I smoked that and then I wanted another one and I had no
clue that Kalua was standing right there but I said I would
pack myself one. Damn that’s so fuckin hard when you’re
drunk. Well, I got Nikki’s altoid container and I made
Kalyn hold the pipe while I was puttin the weed in and I
was laughin so hard and they were all goin, “Ally! Ally!
Ally!” And finally I got the fattest bowl packed and I was
smokin it and I look up for a second because from the
corner of my eye, I saw people staring at me and it turns
out to be Kalua, Jorge, Jedi and Christine. I was like
oops... and I was drunk and high off my ass so I just kept
goin. That was probably a bad move because they are all
best friends with him and they’ve heard all the problems me
and Kalua had when we were going out and they only heard
one side of the story so they always think that I’m the bad
one. Well they know that Kalua hates when I drink and
smoke and I’m sitting there with a beer between my legs and
I’m smoking. But he broke up with me last Monday so I
thought that I had nothing to worry about. Well I stumbled
over to him and I was like “HI KALUA!!” And he was
all “Don’t act like I didn’t see you doin that shit.” And
I was all, “What shit??” In my cutest little girl voice
and he started fuckin yellin at me, and just one word of
advice.... Don’t yell at drunk people. I got pissed and
walked away and I refused to ask him for a ride home.
Megan was spending the night so she asked and he said
okay. He was still pissed but I didn’t care. Well I
called him today and he was pissed as hell but oh well. He
also said, "Man, when I saw you smokin that shit, I almost
walked up to you and knocked you." And I was
all, "What?!" And he straight up said he was gonna sock me
in the face. I was like, fuck that shit. Well he's gonna
call back pretty soon and when he calls back, Kalyn and
Scott are gonna be here and he's gonna get even more pissed
cuz he knows I'm gonna smoke again. HAHA!!