Procrastination is Key
2001-11-04 02:41:40 (UTC)

Oh Man

How pathetic am I? another sat. night and I'm sitting in my
room bored and EXTREMELY tired. Getting up at 5:30am is no
good. I had to get tickets this morning and then register
and right after go to the fall carnival at 1, so no much
needed naps for me today! I am soooo pissed at our
registration- the damn website crashes EVERY time- I
couldn't get to the page to register until 10:45!! this,
just so you know, was 45 min after it opened, which means I
couldn't get all the classes that I had wanted but I guess
it could have been worse. The carnival today was held for
the Arc- which is an association for the disabled. It was
fun to see all the people have such a great time, plus two
friends that go to State were also there to help out!:-)
There was one woman in particular that really made me
think, and I liked her a lot. She was the first one there
and I was talking to her, she had a very hard time speaking
and the whole right side of her body was affected kind of
like people who have had strokes. Anyway- soon she asks me
if I want to see her old college ID. Apparently she had
once been a student at UNC and was all set to be the next
Barbara Walters- she was soo pretty too!- until she was in
a car accident and was in a coma for 6 months. It made me
really sad, especially since she still carries around her
ID (from 1985 I think) to remind her of when she was young
and had her whole life ahead of her:-( But dispite her
accident she seems to get along well and like I said had a
great time at the carnival and can only hope that she has
moments like that all the time, b.c she deserves it.
So the only other thing I have done this weekend is
laundry all last night AND another load today! it is such
an inconvenience! I have decided that it is likely that no
work will begin until tomorrow.
Backtracking a bit, I did have a really good Halloween;-P
So maybe that can be my excuse- I'm all partied out- HAHA
I think a lot of people around here would say that can't be
done! So I guess that would be it- it sucks when everybody
goes home b.c I have no one to talk to!