so confused
2001-11-04 02:04:40 (UTC)

For the first tiime

This is my first entry in my diary. I for the first time
happy, just plain old happy. I have good friends, soon i
will be able to drive, and i am excepting me for me. I am
finally not looking so damn fat. I have a girlfriend,
there's a shocker. But i still have fellings for other
poeple, although i guess that is normal. I won't go into it
now, but maybe in my next entry. I am 15, i am from pittsburgh, Pa
and i am a sophomore in a stuck up, preppy dumb ass school. Some of
my friends need to be more confident in themselves. Watching two
girls make out is a good thing. Some people are under-appreciated for
who they are and that shouldn't be. I wish i could do more but i will
do what i can. I care a lot about my friends and i hate to see them
unhappy. Anyways, sometimes i get insecure, yet someitmes i get cocky
(well not really). The one thing that really pisses me off is when
people don't give a shit when you are feeling blue but don't do
anything. That really sucks. I doubt anybody would ever have a crush
on me but it would be cool. I like to work out, i go to the gym when
i can. ANyways i like to snowboard. I think is a lot of fun and it is
a good way to express yourself. Anyways i am gonna go now, c ya next