Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-04 01:57:04 (UTC)

total babe , fake trying to kiss to add to problems .

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! Last nights was so crazy ! Ok first
at the soccer game my brothers friend ben came and he sat
by me and he was so funny !!!!!! I love him ! he is so
cool ! I told him about my guy troubles and in the middle
of it he tried to kiss me and then laughed cause he was
like " would that change anything ? " haha ! He was just
screwing around !!!! haha ! but yea he told me what to
do! and then he and I did the YOU OWN THEM THING !!!!!!!
LOL ! that was great ! haha! Ben is a total babe !!!!! haha
but he is a senior ! So yea ! We ended up loosing the game
( *tear* ) ! But oh well it was a fun game with Ben !
ummmmm what else i talked to morgan for like an hour last
night !!!!!! we talked about the " guy" problems in our
life ! haha that was great! Did anyone see the Dark Angel
last night ??? cause my sister took out the tape and it was
all ready to tape the show and the lil brat stopped it so
she could watch some movie ! but the VCR was in my room !
and there are 3 others in the house so I think she took it
out on purpose !!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! so if anyone saw
it and can fill me in on what happend please e-mail me in
response to my journal !!!!!!!
Today ; ummmm I babysat for like 5 hours and those little
kids wore the hell out of me! I love em cause they are so
cute but they were so freaking hyper and ahhhhhh I am so
tired !!!!!! we have people over cause we are watching the
baseball games! ick ! talk about boring !!!!!!!! anyways
we are trying to come up with an excuse to go to Prevos
haha to see my "friend" Dan ! but I don't think that I
will get to see him tonight ! oh well ! I am so dead
tired !!!!!!!
Ahhhhhh! matt was so crazy when he came over last
night !!!!!!! omg ! he was so hyper !!!!!! haha !!!!! He
came over at like midnight and was super crazy ! haha he
was like sitting onthe pool table and my brother was like
laughing cause he was trying to play and matt was being
super retarded ! it was super funny ! I gotta bounce !
Later !