My problems.
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2001-11-04 01:48:28 (UTC)

Random Thoughts.

I had a dream this morning, it was a pretty weird one. I
don't know what it was exactly but heres what happend.
I was sleeping the green van that we hit a deer with and
I was in the back seat. I was kinda waken up in this van
because I kept hearing this beeping sound. So I just
keep sleeping and all of a sudden the beeping sound
gets louder and I get up and notice that no ones in the
car but me. So I quickly look around and see a HUGE
train coming. So I jump out of the car and see my
family standing at MY STORE watching our car get
destroyed. Then I woke up. I dunno what it means, but
I thought I'd share.

Tommarow is my birthday and I'm looking foward to it
and all but I feel as though its just gonna be another
day, and another thing for my parents to talk about.
Telling me "Why don't you act like a 17 year old," and
the second one of them says that the other goes off
about how I have no respect, no nothing and then my
little brother gets up in their and gangs up on me to. Its
really not that good of a feeling.

So nothing really happend throughout the day until I
talked to Angela. We just talked about this and that and
stuff. And I felt really good because she told me that
she apprecaites me. Something no one has ever told
me. That made me kinda feel good inside. Then she
told me that she will never take me for granted and that
made me feel even better.

When I was talking to Angela I told her about the TWINC
I license plate issue and she agree's that its a sign.
She thinks its a sign from above that I'm a freak. But I
think it goes deeper then that. I've been talking about
signs in most of my past entries. So why all these
signs? Is it all just a strange coincedence? I
personally don't think so.
Its gotta mean something, It just has to. I don't exactly
know, but someone is trying to tell me something.

I don't know what to think anymore. I just drift through
the days not know what exactly to expect. But take it all
full force the good and the bad. I don't know what to
expect, I don't know anything. That kinda scares me.

I keep listening to this one song over and over again.
Its a really good song and I dunno but I feel connected
to it. Its "Giving In," By Adema.

I am really looking foward to Monday in school though,
I'll be able to see all my friends and finally recieve my
gifts from Angela. The only thing I really am looking
foward to.

So again, tommarow is my birthday and I'm turning 17.
What a day, what a day, what a day. I feel like crap and
I'm not sure why.


In your honest opinon what do these signs mean? The
song "I'm Real" , the deer incident, and the license

--- Angela thinks the license plate means I'm a freak
--- My dad thinks that the license plate means
something too, but he agreed with Angela.

Anyony else have anything to say? Message me.


P.S. Chrissy I'm sorry I didn't know you cared about my birthday I
just felt as thought no one cared except Angela. My parents want
to know what i want and all I want is to be surprised. So again,
sorry, I didn't know.