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2001-11-04 01:12:23 (UTC)

Two In A Million

It's quite late, I know. About half an hour ago I heard the
loud 'clip-clop' sound of my own boots as I walked down my
garden path. It's cold too; I am sat in front of my bedroom
heater. I have felt cold all day. And yesterday. Winter
nights are drawing extremely close, as the clocks have now
gone back an hour, and it's getting darker earlier in the
evenings. I love the Winter, but the rain really annoys me.
Luckily I don't have to walk from building to building in
school anymore, as now I am in the sixth form all four of
my lessons are in Lower School. But watching bad weather
from the windows can sort of annoy me. Especially if I am
sat there shivering!
This is the second day of my brand new diary. I haven't
written much, as there hasn't been much to say really. :)
I'm also stuck on what to write too, and how to put it. A
day or so ago I felt a bit fed up with my boyfriend Chris.
It's just that recently he began to go to parties, and
there has been practically one every week. Either that or
something to do with his friends. It wasn't like that
before, and I figured that if it is like that, we just do
not suit. So basically, due to my anger, I caused an
argument. I didn't mean it obviously, but it just came out
as I was particularly fed up. On Wednesday it was
Halloween, and when he was with his friends, I was at my
family party, dressed as a cute black cat, watching unscary Trick-
or-Treaters come to the door. I felt that I was at the better
end of the stick, as I was having fun also, but I still
missed him underneath my happy face. Yesterday, I stayed
on the computer and tried to talk to him on Messenger
during the daytime but my try was totally in vain. Well, he
had another party to attend in the evening so I simply
sighed and attempted to scan my rough church sketches from
Cornwall while his name flickered into a red 'offline'
mode. Scanning was in vain too, as it just wasn't working.
Yet another computer problem I have to sort. Later, I came
back online to find that Chris was also on, and was talking
to me. Definately, I was happy, but found that he was not
going to the party, and would rather spend time with me
instead and asked if we could go to the cinema. I felt kind
of guilty though, but we ended up going and it was
excellent, and afterwards we decided to both stay at my
house. I realised how much I love him and just how much I
missed him, and right now I fell so glad that everything is
sorted out.
Okay, so maybe Carol Ann Duffy's poem, Valentine, is a true
definition of what love can be. I remember being sat there
in one of my English lessons, looking over the sheet,
wondering why love is being compared with an onion. 'An
onion??' I had thought. 'I give you an onion' is the
opening line, but now it seems true, that it can be harsh
and make you cry just like an onion, however funny it
sounds. :) I love Chris more than ever. Of course, when a
tiff arises, one is always told, "There are plenty more
fish in the sea!" but I took notice of my best friend
Stu...the other fish stink. I found my perfect fish...
This morning we woke up and went to Chris's house, and
stayed there for hours, until we decided to go to the
cinema again to see another film. We chose one on cinema
listings named 'The Others'. It was one I particularly
enjoyed; not a horror, not gory, but very spooky. It was
about a 1945 family: a mother and two children, who had
taken in more servants as the others had 'vanished', and
they began seeing and hearing things in their house. The
film had a particular twist near the ending, as it turned
out that they themselves were the ghosts and the people
they were seeing were the living. Confusing I know, but
altogether it was a very good film!
It is now ten minutes past one in the morning, so I had
better go. I'll write something else tomorrow, if I can
find anything decent to write about :) As for now, I should
be off.

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare