Damsel in Distress

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2001-11-04 00:58:51 (UTC)

Who Knows

i am not just a horny teenager. i have a mind. i have a
high iq, and i have always been a lot more intelligent than
people my age. i am a very strong person. i just wish
people would see me for who i am. i am not always horny
like i have been in the last few days, but i do put forth a
good front when im horny. i like to have fun sometimes, but
i am highly intelligent, and i hate it when people call me
dumb or make rude remarks towards who i am. i have accepted
a lot of responsibility, and i am basically an adult. i
feel many people dont value my opinion either because i am
a girl or because i am young. i have accomplished much
during my short life, and i will be a success. nobody can
stop me from doing what i wish. everyone looks for love,
and i just wish people would understand that i am not a
little girl; i can make my own decisions. if i love
someone, i should be allowed to be with that person. i
have had sexual relationships, but i am over with that. i
am making mature decisions, and i know what i want. i just
wish people would understand that i am an individual, and i
will be very successful one day. too bad that the people
around me do not realize my capabilities and my knowledge
and intelligence capacities.

i will later put some of my essays on here so people can
use them if they wish. lol my friend did it and it does
help some people.
-damsel in distress

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