Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
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2001-11-04 00:18:51 (UTC)

My Pride Is All I Have...

My mother and I got into a fight earlier, and my mom and I
were both literally in tears. I told her that I didn't
like her, and then she told me that she didn't like me
right then either. My boyfriend wanted to make it better
between us, so he told me that he'd call me at seven, and
if I truly cared about the relationship, by then I would
have talked to my mom and tried to make things better. The
consequences were pretty much that he would assume that I
didn't care enough about him and myself, and we'd be
through. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to sit
through being yelled at just to keep him, I mean, I still
have my pride, right? Even if I don't have anything else,
I still have my pride. I worried for a half an hour, then
I calmly made my way downstairs. My mom was sitting there,
and we watched a little bit of a movie, then, as I was
about to talk to her, the phone rang, and she picked up.
It was 6.20 then. She stayed on the phone until 6.40, and
then called me on my private line. She'd calmed down a
lot, and I apologized for everything, and she apologized
and told me that she was just trying to help me grow into a
better person, which is all anyone wants for their
children. We got off of the phone at 6.53. At 6.55, my
boyfriend's mother called me, and told me that if I ever
needed anything, just to call her and she'd try to do
anything she could. Then, at 7.02, Michael called. He
asked if I'd talked to my mom, and I said that I had. Then
he said, "so you do care!" I was thinking, 'was there ever
a doubt in your mind?' So everything turned out alright,
and he and I are still together. We've been formally
together for 5 weeks, but actually together for 6 weeks. I
just hope that Michael doesn't make any more ultimatums
like that, because I was nearly ready to kill myself rather
than talk about anything with my bitchy mother! I guess though, that
I still have my pride...