Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-03-18 17:11:39 (UTC)

I eventually called Wes last..

I eventually called Wes last night...what a turn of a
event! Not. I just got even more angrier with him than I
already was! Maybe I just won't call him today. I
doubt...but hey it sounded good!
See, I called him and we talked about nothing for about 10
min. then he asked why I was so down. At first I refused to
tell him then I caved and told him about how I hate the
feeling of having to rely on him and the feeling of caring
so much about him...he didn't understand...did I not say he
wouldn't!! (refer to yesterday's entry)I swear, he can be
so thick headed!!
Then eventually he tried to change the I
said he would...and didn't want to think about it.(I know
him all too well) Then we started talking about his stupid
bass. I swear, that is like his big thing now. Too bad he
can't play it all that well. Well not yet at least. I knew
he was going to say "Hey can I call you back later?" Sure
enough he did. It's not even a question, it's more of a
statement, you know? Like, I'll call you back
later...maybe..I depends what I'm doing...and
what I feel like. Then he added,"If I don't call you by
8:30 then I'll talk to you tomorow." Of course me with my
big mouth, shot back "So you might as well say 'I'll talk
you tomorow'" He kinda got mad but he told me he'd call me
back later...of course, I fell for it, and OF COURSE, he
didn't. So I spent last night ticked off at the entire
For some reason, today, I'm like in the best mood
reason why, just am. With that said..I gotta go! Sorry I
dragged on and on about's just...sometimes, I
wanna shoot him!! Later-