Dirty Fractyl
2001-11-04 00:17:56 (UTC)

a survey

This is kinda stupid, but I had some free time, so go figah.

What time is it?: 1:52 PM
What is the date?: Sat, 3 of Nov.
Why are you filling this out?: Boredom
You: Full name: Brett David Roberts
Do you like it?: I guess, but I think my middle name is
cooler. David did beat Goliath's big ass up.
Nicknames: "BR", "Bo", "Shot"
Could change your first name, what would it be?: David, I
already said that.
middle name?: David, again...
DOB: 10 of March, 1981
Height: 6'3"
Hair colour: light brown/dark blond
Eye colour: sea blue
Where do you live?: Titusville, Fl
Do you like it there?: Most of the time I do.
Where were you born?: Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Astrological sign: Pisces Iscariot
Shoe Size: 13-14
Family- Parents names: Dorian & Paul
Do you have any siblings?: Yes
Do you like your family?: Yes
Favorite relative: my cousin, Mandy
Favorites: Number: 24 & 0
Color: blue
Car: Nissan Frontier would be nice
Season: Hurricane season
Holiday: Winter equinox (okay, so that's not really a
holiday, but I drink like it is)
Month: March
Day of the week: Sunday, bloody Sunday
Drug?: "I'm in love with Mary Jane"
Candy: twizler's twist and peel or starburst jelly beans
TV show: Prime Time Glick
CD: Adore
Movie: Jurassic Park I
Actor: Travolta
Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Song: Beautiful Tonight, Clapton
Word: beotch or niggah
This or That: uh, sure
Me/You: uh huh
AOL/AIM: AIM is tight
CD/Cassette: CD
DVD/VCR: have a VCR, want a DVD
Radio/CD: depends on mood; sometimes the variety of the
radio is nice
Slow dance/Freak dance: Get yo freak on
Jacket/Coat: rarely need one
Leather/Pleather: um, pleather? (is that fake leather?)
Sparkles/Bronze: sparkles sound good
Sexy/Hot: sexy
Gap/Old Navy: don't wear preppy clothes, really.
Britney/Christina: Cristina en español
Love/Lust: love is the essence by which we live
Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: haven't seen
Inside/Outside: outside in tha rain
Lipstick/Lipgloss: not a chick
Silver/Gold: gold
Piercings/Tattoos: L ear
Football/Basketball: Basketball, Magic & Spurs
Thunder/Lightning: kind of come hand in hand
This/That: uh, again, uh.
Now. What are you doing right now?: listening to my stomach
What cd is in your cd player?: Adore, MCIS
Are you cold?: not here in Fla, no.
How are you sitting?: stretched out legs
Is there music on?: nope, which reminds me to put my MP3s
on while I do this.
If so, what song is it?: Now "Tunnel of Love" by Westlife
is on.
What time is it?: 2:04 EDT
Where are your parents?: Mom is in Naples; don't know what
my dad is up to
Future How old will you be when you graduated high school?:
long since done, I was 18
Are you going to get married?: If anyone wants to marry me
Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone
you'd wish it would be?: Of course there is.
If so, who?: Someone I love.
Are you going to have children?: Hopefully
If yes, how many?: 3
What will you name them?: I like Dante & Beatricé
Have You Ever..: Drank: I did last night
Smoked: of course
Skinny Dipped: yes, in freezing cold water, too!
Prank called the police: no
Been followed, etc by the police: When I was like 14 a cop
was chasing me; I lost him, too!
Been high: yep
Done drugs: yes, how else would i have gotten high?
If so, what?: weed, acid, morphine, perscription pain
killers, alcohol, sedatives, and barbituates
Stole: yes
Met someone off the net: 3 people (Shay, Rénee, Sheri)
Been in a fist fight: Lots of them
Punched your sibling/parent: my bro, of course, we're
Wished you'd die: At times
Tried to commit suicide: personal
Broken a bone: pinky finger, fractured wrist
Driven illegally: yeah, when i was 14
Thrown things at your parents: a pillow once at my mom :)
Run away: Sort of...long story.
Filled out a survey this long: Yeah, longer.
Others Do you write in cursive or print?: usually print
unless I am writing something romantic
Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrous: ambidextrous with
most things, except writing.
Do you believe in God?: I do now.
Whats your religion?: a spinoff of Catholicism
What do you think of rainbows?: I am mad that gays use them
for their symbol.
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: L ear, I already said.
If so, where?: L ear!
If not, do you want any, where?: don't want any more
What do you think of Eminem?: He can't freestyle as good as
Is Tupac Shakur really dead?: of course not
What do you think of Britney and Justin?: I think Justin
could do better.
If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?:
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Do you drive?: Sometimes
Do you have braces or glasses?: No
Like milk and cookies?: Love 'em!
Ever worn black nail polish?: no, just clear
If your a guy, have you ever painted your nails?: yes,
Girls, what color nail polish do you have on?: not a chick
What is your favorite song to "rock out" to?: Arransando is
good for that
Ever taken anything from a hotel?: towel once
Did you talk to your crush/bf/gf today?: I don't have any
of the above, unless bf stands for best friend, and I just
did, yeah.
If so, for how long?: just a few mins; we're talking later
If not, why not?: n/a
Do you think this is stupidly long?: Nah, I am bored so
it's cool.
Did you like it?: It's okay.
Why/Why not: I'll get back to you on that.