OhBaby It Is Me

2001-11-03 23:42:11 (UTC)


He asked me out
He kicks me as a sign of affection
His dad is a cop and wants to go to Bosnia
He used to live in Kendle and Spencerport
His mom has two jobs
He only watches good Disney movies
He got his subs for 1/5 the cost
He gets up early b/c he wants to see me
He likes to fix things
Especially cars
He left his buddies to go see me
He and I made a deal about school
He wants to get his arms and back all tattooed
He thinks he's gonna be rich when he grows up
He wants to be a drummer or an airplane mechanic
He wants only one kid and he says he won't spoil it
He has guts
He kicks mailboxes and walks on cars
He sings "I'm the number one stunner"
Him and his mom once got in a pretend fight when he was like 10 and
he hit her
His brothers name is Tim
The girls next door throw stuff at his window
He has a beer sign in his window
He always says 'HEY'
The girls next door asked for the Fuel CD
He eats cheeseburgers for breakfast
These little kids walked right into his house one time
He wants to kidnap a kid for 3 days just to teach their parents a
He wants a fenced in backyard
He wants a lesbian wife
He sells subs for 50$
He wants a pool
He likes leather
Everything he owns has paint on it
He likes the name Malcolm
He can't play b-ball, he just makes shots
He lives in apartment E
His mom has a blue car
He has 'soft' hair
He likes to put his hands in his pocket but he prefers mine
He walks real slow
He has 'steering wheels' in his room
People always knock on his window
He has gorgeous eyes
And an amazing smile
He lives with Tim, his mom and her boyfriend
Tim is 18
He is moving on Sunday
His birthday is 10/14
He’s 15
He goes to Math Lab 1st period
He goes to the China Buffet with Jeremy, Jeremy’s girlfriend and Chad
He harasses Melissa
Ha pushed me into a moving truck
He likes O-Town
He doesn’t know Annie
His friend gave him his leather jacket
The zipper broke on it
He carries a wallet without money
And keys
He wants to go to BOCIES next year
I call him my bocie
He’s a survivor
He likes to wear hats
He tells me that I am like a kid
He watches TV and talks on the phone
He doesn’t like his park
He likes ours
He meets me at the b-ball court
He beats me up fighting for his wallet
He has friends that he goes out with
He wants me to go to the Buffet with him only if I eat 3 plates
Even though Jeremy’s girlfriend never does
He says Melissa’s last name funny
He’s way taller then me
He likes stupid movies
He likes ugly cars
I call him at noon
He pissed on Jeremy’s car
He stole a monkey?
He has a funny story about a credit card
He drinks a lot
He swears a lot
He’s loud
He looks major fine in light blue
He likes strawberry milkshakes
The cops came to his building
He drilled a hole in a ceramic Buddha for incense
He pissed in the tree
He can’t make a basket to save his life
He tells everyone he’s older then he is
He hates Warren
He has a deep sexy voice
He wears boxers
He has a signed football
He’s considerate
He likes to swim
He likes music
He likes speakers
He doesn’t like eels
He likes fishing
He tubes
He turns up the music for the neighbors
He says he’ll give me a sub
He used to live in a farmhouse
He used to wrestle
His brother stabbed him
He pisses a lot
He wants to take ma to the beach and teach me to swim
Christina knows him as “I godda piss”
He has blue eyes with green around his pupils
He came to lunch with my mom cocked
He’s in 5th lunch
8th Bio with Mrs. MD
Accident with his brother
He made me dinner
He wants a madador on his right arm
He says he wakes up every morning wishing I was laying next to him
He thinks J Lo’s hot but not as hot as me
He wants to take me fishing @ Powder Mill park
He wants to go to the movies only with me
He likes his knife(s)
He talks about me in the future
His older brother’s name is Jeremy
He gets upset when he hears so and so hits me
He hates Josh
His brother was/is in the Marines
He hates flies and yellow jackets
He watches what he does around kids
He carries beer in his pockets
He likes Veandras
He tells me he can’t get enough of my kisses
He told me “and I usually don’t go out with girls”
He likes dogs and cats
He likes pepperoni pizza
He thinks these kids on my bus are nice
He has morals
He has glow-in-the-dark boxers that say ‘have a nice day’
He taste like candy (Hole)
He wants a foosball table
He steals other people’s water
He likes to talk about stealing bikes
He defends me fiercely
He kisses my neck amazingly
He complements me
He calls Christina my lesbian bitch
He eats donuts
He took off his coat for me
He likes what I write about him
He sat in the poolroom with me to write a poem
He skipped gym all the time to be with me
Christina spit her gum out at him
And she never talked to me when he was around
We spent a day outside on the mats on the track
He and I lay in the grass outside and he almost ate a caterpillar
He reminds me of choir practice
He’s admired by other girls, not just me
All my friends seem to hate him
But after he wore the blue sweatshirt, Chrissy liked him
Gracie does too
Becky wants to turn him in for abuse
He rides a three wheeler with Chad and Matt


I will meet you in some place
Where the light lends itself to soft repose
I will let you undress me
But I warn you I have thorns like any rose
And you could hurt me with your bare hands
You could hurt me with with the
sharp end of what you say
But I'm lost to you now & theres no amount of reason
That could save me

So break me
Take me
Just let me feel your arms again
Break me
I'll let you make me
Just let me feel your love again

Feels like being underwater
Now that I've let go & lost control
Water kisses fill my mouth
Water fills my soul

So break me
Take me
Just let me feel your arms again
Break me
Make me
Just let me feel your love again

Kiss me once or maybe twice
Oh, it never felt so nice
So break me
Take me
Let me feel your arms again
Break me
Make me
Just let me feel your arms again
Just let me feel your love again

(i have no idea for the next one with Jeff)