A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-11-03 23:16:55 (UTC)

thinkinG a lot...


its about 6:00 on saturday evening. i havent really been up
2 much 2day. i got up kinda early 4 a weekend. i ate
breakfast and got on the computer 4 awhile..i was waiting
on mandy 2 get on. i needed 2 talk 2 her about last night.
yes she knowz what im talking about. i cleaned up some and
got dressed and went outside and raked some leaves and came
back inside and read this book 4 biology 4 a little bit. i
got on the computer again..but not 4 very long.ive just
been laying around the house all day..and kinda cleaning
some. but ive been thinking about a lot of stuff. i dont
really know all the stuff i was thinking about but i just
was thinking about it.
i read this girl's entry last night. it was pretty
interesting. she talked about how she wonders why ppl our
age obsess and stress over the stupidest stuff. like
whether we have a bf/gf right this minute..or whether or
not we're wearing the right clothes..and how we all try 2
be the perfect teenager. i thought it was pretty cool..cuz
it was all true..that we shouldnt worry about stuff like
that...we have the rest of our lives to.
im talking 2 melsa on the internet. we're talking about
how confusing guyz are..and how some of them are such
jerks..lol melsa~ i really DONT get them tho..they like
make u think they like u..but then they tell other ppl that
they're going 2 *hang out* with another girl..
...but i dont know if thats true or not..cuz somebody
just told me about that last night but he told me him and
this other guy were going 2 go somewhere (he didnt mention
that girl)..im not going 2 name ne names tho.

i think im gonna go though~