Read Between The Lines
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2001-11-03 22:58:00 (UTC)


Why me?I didn't really ask to be born.I hate being under
the mercy under these dumb ass grown ups.I wish that all of
us teens could treat adults anyway we want to.It seems like
there's more of us than them anyways.Is it just my mom or
do all women that get old nag?It's the same old same old
every fucking day."Em,when are you going to do this?Em,when
are you going to do that?"Her naggin constantly gets on my
nerves.I hope that I don't have to go on an airplane to
California.I officially hate airplanes now.But my mom
doesn't care,I bet she will be glad when I'm dead.That's
alright,I can see right through that bitch's mind.*sigh* I
never have anything to do on Saturdays because my friends
are always somewhere else.And even if they were not
occupied,they sure would be on a bad day.Look at all these
college intuitions!They're expensive!I'm going to play
basketball to get my scholorship.For all those teenagers
out there visit: www.bolt.com