Sarah's Thoughts
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2001-11-03 22:48:13 (UTC)

Update of the week

Hey, i'm sorry i haven't wrote in this thing for like a
week, but i couldn't go on the net. But i'm here now and i'm
guessing everyone wants an update of what happened. On
monday nothing really happened just another boring day. On
tuesday me and my b/f broke up :( oh well i just guess it
wasn't ment to be. Wednesday was the best day of the week, I
went over to Danielle's house and we went trick or treating
it was so great. After Wednesday things just went by slow, i
think i was just tired from partying on halloween. But i
made up for it over the weekend. Friday i went to michelle's
house and we hung out playin basketball and skateboarding.
Then that night Danielle came over and we all chilled
watching t.v. eating pizza. Then later that night brandon
and nick came over, Brandon took me and danielle to 7-11 it
was so fun. Wow did i have a great week. I also learned a
lot about true friends and who you always know will be
there. Trust your friends, don't ever deny what they say
you'll really regret it afterwards, Trust me on that one.
Well thats all for now, buh bye!

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