Oh the crazy life of mine...
2001-11-03 21:38:39 (UTC)

*nothin great*

its saturday... im tired as hell.... i dunno wats up wit me
lately... well i do but lets not get into that.... im
sittin her and i look really weird and im drinkin from a
scooby water bottle.... yummy... i want to go out tonite
but at the same time i dont... im a lil whore.... even
though the sex drive it gone.... every do 2 much wit
someone in 1 nite??? its bad... its happened to me b4... ur
like ok that was a bad choice.... and like the guy i like
now i think if we do anything i wont b able to stop and it
will serisouly go over the limit... its a killer.... wat to
do?? and like my friend likes this guy and thinks he really
loves her and he is just sweettalkin her to get her in
bed... can't she see the truth.. i am gonna keep my mouth
shut... im getttin all the materials to tie up jon wit
today... so im outs