a little piece of me
2001-11-03 21:17:47 (UTC)


to whoever asked me about rammstein:
yes, i know what rammstein was, but i like the band, not
the place. ich konnen/sprechen ein wenig deutch, so yeah,
i know what they're singing about for the most part.
actually, i used to live in germany. that was years
ago...anyway, i would have sent this to you privately, but
you didn't leave any way for me to get in touch with you.
i'm sure there was a reason.

anyway, while i'm here...my poor birdie bent his long wing
feather on one side, so now he's having trouble getting
around :( his wings are clipped, and he was trying to fly
anyway and his feather got bent on the cage. i feel so bad
for him! -----/that's from muj...he likes to type (and
chew on everything in sight!). now he's trying to eat the
little green number lock light. lol. this bird cracks me
up. ****doh7! he's back...lol. . lol..i guess
that's hello in bird.

ok, i'm gonna go finish painting my little thingy. i think
it's finally dry enough to continue. i look freakin
hilarious, lemme tell ya. sitting on my living room floor,
slipknot blaring on the radio, doing crafty shit! it's
great. my pant legs are all wet cause i just washed my
car. i need to take a nap. wow, my life is pretty
boring! ok, i'm really going this time. have a good
weekend everyone!