Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-11-03 20:33:17 (UTC)


guess what??? my dad just bought me a fishtank for my
room, it's awsome because the theme of my room is
underwater. it's a 20 gallon high tank, it's really nice,
and i got a stand, i wanted to make a cool backround for
the tank so i took the litle booklets from my two "aqua" cd
cases and took each pg and made a litle backround for the
tank. it loks realy nice, the band "aqua" is really cool. i
like there music. the pictures were really cool too. get
it, "aqua" pics and an aquarium. lol. anyway, i dont kno
what kiend of fish i wanna put in it though. i think i'll
put 2 of those really pretty gold paranah in there. like, i
guy and a girl. there really pretty and i love parannah, i
think there really neat. gtg, Hannah

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