once again
2001-11-03 18:13:51 (UTC)


Last night was awesome...Robert met me at worka dn we
brought Keri home and then went to his friends house. But
we left early and started driving around. His ex callls
because she stays at his place on the weekends because she
has no other way to work. She was pissed because I was
with him, but we started talking about her and everything
that's been going on and we see completely eye-to-eye on so
much. We both decided that we don't know if it's healthy
to wait for our ex's to do what ever it is we think will
happen. SO we think we might be seeing each other. No
complications, simple. Friends, good ones, sometimes go
out together, no sex (i've decided on my own...only makes
so much drama). I think this might be good, but I'm not
looking for any commitments or anything to complicate the
single life. I'm very happy how I am, and I want to leave
every possibility open incase Shawn might show up...because
I do love him alot. So, I think for once I know what I am
doing...I hope. She (Nicole) is making Robert
miserable...I told him too. She makes him so angry and
then he feels bad and that's not healthy to deal with every
day. He needs a little more guidance in all this then I.
I don't want him to be on rebound though...I don't want him
to be mine either...