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2001-03-18 13:50:06 (UTC)

it s Sunday.. so far beginning..

it's Sunday..

so far beginning two weeks ago..

went to gym

friday of one week.. then
monday thru friday
tuesday thru saturday of following week which brings me to

i pigged out ysterday (saturday)
but i find with the workouts i don't feel awful..

i have to cut out pop and replace with more water..
but even after two weeks i find i am more comfortable in my
clothes and my energy is major increased.. i think today
instead of driving i will walk to church ..

i find i am more motivated to fix myself up.. bought a few
new things i will use for myself after my first measure
which is April 1st.. it's hard to get up everday but
there are little thoughts that inspire me..

not a slam on anyone.. but i have to think of my friends
who say they want to lose weight and then sleep in .. i was
them .. and might be again.. i take none of this for
granted.. am realistic but when i work out it seems to
inspire me to know i am not talking about it anymore or
sleeping until the last minute.. i am up early and out the
door to the gym and i've focused on what i accomplish
before many get out of bed.. seems to help some.. would
maybe help more though if they were right beside me urging
me on... and vice versa.. i love the gym i work out in
though .. it's not a fashion show.. and it's merely sweats
and tshirts and maybe that is because it is all women.. ??
not sure .. but love it just the same..