The Story of my Life
2001-11-03 17:03:53 (UTC)


Ok, I haven't written in FOREVER. Sense July actually. Good
lord so much has changed. I don't even know where to
begin.Sense it will take forever to catch up-I won't
bother. Here's the scoop though: WORK-Still at Carl's. I
hate Tammy. GUYS-I love Connor, Going out w/Raul who loves
me, Aaron just moved away. FRIENDS-Last night Me, Amos,
Vanessa, and Raul went to the Silverton football game-they
lost. So did Sprague. :( Amos is still grounded from me. I
stayed the night with Vanesa. Corinne found abandoned
kittens and, gave me one but my stupid fuckin parents
wouldn't let me keep it. I gave it to rachael, who has one
of the others. PARENTS-They live at the beach. We drive
back and forth. Josh lives in our old house. I hate the
Beach-and them. this whole situation sux, and I want to go
to San Diego. I am not currently in school. I have failed
my driver's test twice. I'm gonna go now-maybe it won't
take me so long to write again.