a little piece of me
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2001-11-03 16:58:00 (UTC)

'ohne dich'...

well, it's too damn early on saturday morning and my
friggin birds woke me up. i totally forgot to cover them
up last night. grr. i'm so tired. i'm listening to 'ohne
dich' by rammstein. i love this song. ohne dich means
without you. (i couldn't remember ohne, so i had to cheat
and look it up). i love till's voice in this song. ich
liebe rammstein!!

anyway, i talked to brett again last night. i'm going to
try not to talk about him much, but i just can't help it if
i do. i have fallen so hard and fast for him. it's a
little scary, actually. with michael, i always felt so sad
after talking to him, but with brett i feel so good. i
think i do more laughing than talking, lol. we have a lot
in common, too, which is good. i really wish he didn't
live so far away. i think we're going to go broke having
to talk on the phone all the time. hehe. he's got a
really deep, sexy voice, with a slight accent (he's from
ny). i just love talking to him. hopefully we get to talk
tonight. i'm going to call him, but i need to go put some
more time on my phone card today.

ok, i'm going to quit talking about him. let's
see...anything else? i haven't heard back from michael.
he's probably pretty pissed, so i'm guessing i won't. that
sucks, but what can i do? i didn't want to hurt him. i've
stayed friends with my other ex's, so i was kinda hoping we
could do the same. probably not feasible. oh well.

well, i'm kinda tired and can't think of much else to say,
so i think i'll go make something. i'm in a crafty mood.
hopefully i've got the stuff i need...if not, i'll get it
when i go to recharge my card. alright, that's it for
now. hello heather! hope things are going well. love ya.