Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-11-03 16:56:26 (UTC)


Wow, how much do I love My Ruin?
_______________*x a million.

Okay so, anywho. it really the Taliban?
No, of coursenot!
It's the American cock up govornment who has planted and
spread the anthrax to keep the countries attention away
from the slaughter of innocent victims, and to breed their
hate for the east.

What good is this fighting anyways?
A kids dad will get blown to pices by America and he won't
just accept it, move on and realise how wrong about the
west he was. He'll hate them more. He'll spread the hate
and ...we'll suffer.

Oh well..
what goes around comes around.
As a matter of fact...I watched a very interesting "Theory
of evolution" program just an hour or so ago.

Very interesting..haha, no.

But....why is there never any Religion Vs Evolution
It's always history or cooking or omethng we don't need to

Well, *not* not need to know but...