Mind Unleashed
2001-11-03 16:48:13 (UTC)


So far my life has been pretty good.The only thing is that
I've been having some really weird dreams.Gonna be taking
my GED test on Dec.6 and hopefully I'll be able to spend my
whole summer in New York.Meg said that she told Alex and a
big cheesy smile came on his face.A couple of days ago Meg
was having problems with Ivan,but everything's been worked
out aso that's pretty cool.Hopefully by next week I'll have
a job which is a big financial relief.Christmas is coming
up pretty soon,so I have to start working my ass off to be
able to buy presents.Another thing that makes everything
look sour-my cousin's gonna be moving back in the house so
that means that I have to move out of her room.God only
knows where the hell I'm gonna sleep.I feel sooo bad for
Alex-Meg said that the reason he's getting so skinny,so
fast is because he hardly eats anything and when he does
it's mostly take-out junk.I also found out that Alicia's
PREGNANT!!!I swear it seems like everyone's getting
pregnant.All I hope is that my dreams of me being pregnant
don't come true.Halloween was pretty cool-my aunt took me
to a Pagan festival.Can't wait till I go home.

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