interesting me
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2001-11-03 15:31:51 (UTC)

Just another Saturday????

This could be like all others and being an ordinary
Saturday. Which it maybe, Im not so sure yet. But no I
think I may go to the doctors today. My cold seems to get
worse and its harder for me to talk. Damn I love
talking!!! So yeah this really bites. And if I dont say
anything today its gonna be a quiet day. Quiet days arent
any good.

But I talked to Andrew last night and hes at his aunts
house. I still worry about him and hope hes alright. Damn
alot can happen in just a matter of minutes.

Andrew my love for you is so true. I love you babes so so
so much. I just want you to be ok. I guess you being
depressed really bothers me cuz its not like you. Or at
least I didnt think it was. Life changes!!! And last
night you said sweet dreams to me, I said that I dont
usually dream, well last night I did, now if I could only
remember what it was about. And I wasnt mad at you last
night either. I promise you that. I was just frusterated
from being sick and tired and taking that sleepy medicine.
And man it made me sleep. I think I got 8 hours in, and
usually i average about 6 or 7. So yeah I slept great.
But other then the coughing or sniffling I think Im doing
alright. Damn I want to talk to you right now. Just
seeing your adorable face is enough for me.

Yeah I love this thing. It lets me express myself freely,
and it always makes me feel better in the end. I finally
found a place that I can be me and there is nobody here to
judge me......:-).....

well baby I love you and you know that, but I am gonna go
and I will write more later sometime.

Love you