Moi life
2001-11-03 14:15:33 (UTC)

1 more ting

2001-11-03 13:43:35 (GMT)


i am at home 4 my half term, well i have been. there is not
much to write cept i went out with da boy i like but
nothing happened. :( i am doing a fashion design corse and
i just went to france. well dat woz quite cool. we went to
cherbourg 4 a day and bort lots of stuff. i got a new top
and perfume!!!
well apart from dat i cant really tink of much to rite.
soz i havnt riten 4 ages
luv Jewels

that was a entey earlyer this day! (up)^^^^^^^^

:( :( :( :( :( :(
i am very unhappy.......i have sum g8 friends at my skool
but i also have made sum new friends which is really cool.
1 ting is very wrong 2 groups of m8s dont hang
out together. this wld be fine but my friends in my old
group are saying i have to chose because i cant hang wit
both. i really like both my groups of friends and i will
not chose but they will chose 4 me. it seems like they
already have. my new group think i sldn't have to chose and
that i can hang wit both. i really dont no wat to do and i
dont want to go back to skool. :( any input on my little
problem wld help me. i no this entry doesnt make my old
gropup soung that good but they are really nice and kind.
plz help my ne1!
bye me :(