2001-11-03 14:15:32 (UTC)


Ok...soo sorry that I haven't written in a while...things
have been a little hectic. I am really missin Mike right
now, I just want him to hold me and tell me everything will
be alright. I'm in a tossup about the wedding. Mike is
still really close to everyone he asked to be in the
wedding. I on the other hand am not to say the least. So
Tracy and I get into it over this subject a week ago this
past Tuesday and have not spoken since. I still feel this
way toward Jenna, although things are seemingly getting
better. I spoke to David for the first time in a LONG time
the other day and it was really nice. Nice in a sense that
I had lost my best guy friend too. But after a couple
years of not really being close it was like we were able to
pick right back up and everything was great. I really am
thankful for that relationship after all the wear and tear
it's been through. In 8 months and 16 days, I will be Mrs.
Michael Adam Zibell. I absolutely cannot wait. Mike and I
haven't been all that great though lately either. It's as
if we've run out of things to talk about. Maybe it's just
that nothing exciting ever happens to either one of us.
I'm sure it'll work itself out. HMMMM...oh...My mom and I
got into it last week as well. I really dislike it when
people tell me what I can and cannot do. It just makes me
go and do the opposite. I have finally realized that my
parents are total control freaks, not that they know
anything else...but I do...and I do not want to be treated
that way...Like I said 8 months 16 days. AND the diner...I
will no longer be employed there very soon. I am fed up.
I'm burned out on waiting tables. So...we'll see...that is
about all for now...